Newground/ Tirnewydd

Newground is a physical project that invites ongoing encounter between humans, plants and the ground itself. A new commons; the ground as a shared medium, a place in which to explore the emergence of movement, play and touch with others, elements, plants and materials. Newground is a prepared medium in which the proposal is to explore ways to land and be together. Early on, artist Jacques Nimki was invited to collaborate on this project, to research Read More

13 Aug 2020

04.07.20 stitches

I hold the hands as if they were her hands…The wooden mannequins seem awkward and clumsy, they constantly fall out of shape- they express their object-ness and other-bodied natures. Yet the spectral zone of this virtual touch transmits many others. I am working intimately with the hands of someone I have know for many years, as a stranger…

7 Jul 2020

24.06.20 stitchings

Awaiting more glove stock- there are many more contributions to stitch. Thank you to all those who are contributing- deep gratitude. Not sure where this is going, but I’m following it… ‘This beginning, like all beginnings, is always already threaded through with anticipation of where it is going but will never simply reach, and of a past that is yet to come.’ J. Barad. Quantum Entanglements and Hauntological relations. (2010)    

7 Jul 2020

20.06.20 stitching

It made me remember how often I cross my arms when I’m sitting, and stick my hands in pockets when I’m standing (and scuff my heels – another pair of trainers worn through recently)

7 Jul 2020

18.06.20 left hand assembly

Inheritance, a procession of hands…always touching themselves, both through their own material constituents and through the other things that in turn give them touch. ‘We’ve all gone through times of every morning waking up scared…And yet, by the time I’d be standing in the middle of the room, I wouldn’t be scared anymore…It’s not surprising that the trouble I was having was showing itself in that movement of passage from sleep to wakefulness.’ Simone Forti. Handbook Read More

7 Jul 2020

15.06.20 stitching

the hands are held in an envelope of touch from the gloves themselves. They bring an altered, enfolded sensation world to the joined hands. A tethered accompaniment to the arrangements of fingers and hands, they are self- binding and yet there is a micro motility from the stitches and the cotton material, that allows a kind of breathing. A motile world within a soft material skin, epidermis- exoskeleton.

7 Jul 2020