Following postponement in June 2020, we will now proceed with the next in- person workshop:

Locator 30 – Preparations for Landing…

RESIDENTIAL MOVEMENT WORKSHOP Brynberian, north Pembrokeshire. 12-15 May 2022 (limited places available)

’There’s nothing more innovative, nothing more present, subtle, technical and artificial…nothing more creative, nothing more contemporary than to negotiate landing on some ground.’ (Bruno Latour- Down to Earth. 2018)

It is 28 years since Locator began, so this year we return to the scene and landscapes of north Pembrokeshire to locate ourselves where this all started, as a way to orient to where we find ourselves now; living in a fundamentally different geopolitical age and in a place of ‘mixed up’ uncertainties. So, leaning into Bruno Latour’s proposal to negotiate ‘landing’, we will ground ourselves in this place- walking, moving, drifting, eating, fasting, swimming, drawing and thinking; led by the patterns of weather, land, sea, atmosphere and the other beings we encounter. A time of gentle resistance to productivity and a time to land within the inspired fellowship of others.

Locator will happen in Tycanol, an ancient sessile oak woodland and a SSSI nested beneath the Preseli hills, west Wales- the adopted home for this located performance practice. Locator has evolved as a way to share practice with others. We cultivate a sensory porosity to the influence of things and the life of ecosytems. Through movement we sensitise to their generous affect and make them familiar to us.

Accommodation is in a large cottage close to the village of Brynberian. The location offers open access to the special uplands of the Preseli hills, Tycanol and woodland valleys, streams, trails and pilgrimage routes along a wild coastline.

*(Locator 30 will be a largely mobile, laptop and tablet free- zone! However, each day for one hour it will be possible to walk up a hill to find a signal and plug in…)

Cost (including welcome meal):

£250 with full accommodation.

Please book early to reserve a place by arranging a £100 deposit (limited to 10 participants)
For information and travel contact: simon@simonwhitehead.net

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