Stitching soft matter – The Book!

Stitching soft matter is an artist book featuring performances of touch, drawing, sewing, photography, pandemic touch journals, pull-out scores and a short essay on touch touching itself.

This project continued throughout the pandemic and the book has become a place to share all the materials and relationships developed during this time. It feels good to have something to share and hand to people in the physical world…

Book launch on 31 January at ARC, University of Glasgow. Booking:

+ a launch in Cardigan on 11 February at Canfas 13.30- 15.00

Designed with Stefhan Caddick, Supported by SGSAH

Available now on shoeless, message me if you would like a copy. £15 + Post

STITCHING soft matter Performance on 24 February, 1-6pm, ARC, University of Glasgow, details soon…



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