Locator Scores ’24

The second in an annual series of online/in situ workshops taking place on Zoom, Thursdays for 2 weeks; February 29th and March 7th, 10am-Midday.   £12 per session, or £20 for both   29 February Homing’s; 7 March Ecologies of Touch Each session will last for approximately 2 hours. Beginning with a collective preparation we will participate in a movement score together. The scores will predominately take the form of a drift (nondeterminate, the focus of a drift is to allow yourself to be guided by the elements, Read More

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locator 31 Touching the Earth

Locator Workshops Drawing

.          everything that we touch, touches us… In this workshop we will ground ourselves in the touch of this place- walking, moving, drifting, eating, fasting, swimming, drawing and thinking; through partner and group movement scores, small scale expeditions (day and night) we are led by the patterns of weather, land, sea, atmosphere and the other beings we encounter. A time of gentle resistance to productivity and a time to land within the inspired Read More

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Following postponement in June 2020, we will now proceed with the next in- person workshop: Locator 30 – Preparations for Landing… RESIDENTIAL MOVEMENT WORKSHOP Brynberian, north Pembrokeshire. 12-15 May 2022 (limited places available) ’There’s nothing more innovative, nothing more present, subtle, technical and artificial…nothing more creative, nothing more contemporary than to negotiate landing on some ground.’ (Bruno Latour- Down to Earth. 2018) It is 28 years since Locator began, so this year we return to the Read More

17 Jan 2022

locator scores

3 online physical workshops, each happening on the 3rd Friday of each month from February to April 2022 16 February, Homing 16 March, Touch of Things 20 April, Drifting together    2pm-4.30 pm. (£12 per session, or £30 for all 3). Each session will last for up to 2.5 hours and will involve the sharing of a movement score and a process of collective preparation. Each of the scores will take the form of a drift Read More

13 Jan 2022