TURN – a score for the long nights

  ‘The future is dark, which is on the whole, the best thing the future can be, I think.’ Virginia Woolf. January 18th. 1915. Turn towards the darkness As dusk arrives Turn off the lights, place a lighted candle in the window walk into the nighttime eventually, when the darkness has absorbed you, and you it, turn, walk back towards the candle light when you arrive, blow out the candle, move in the darkness- feel its Read More

7 Jan 2022

soft matter text copy of spoken score

Hello! Please find somewhere to rest and take some time to be with the sensations and arrangements of your hands touching each other… begin to notice the different kinds of feedback the placement and touch of fingers and hands create within each other. Now, take some time to be with the touch of one hand with the other, play with the familiar patterns in which your hands hold each other and find new ones (you may Read More

7 May 2020