Practicing Places – Upstream ’24

With/Gyda Simon Whitehead & Kirstie Simson    In this next iteration of Practicing Places, alongside collective studio practice we will spend time in the local Afon Cych and Dulais river catchment. Journeying upriver this time to explore the wider ecology of the valley and its mythical landscapes, we will immerse ourselves with the river’s course and its ecosystems. Learning ways to be in correspondence with its ongoing-ness, responding to its life forms and movements, we will lead practices Read More

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Ecosomatic Conversations Series

  I’m delighted to be a contributor to this series amongst some wonderful movers, makers and thinkers… The EcoSomatics Conversations Series invite sharing of engagement, practices and thinking around environmental awareness through embodiment activities, dance and art. It posits a definition of EcoSomatics as of the body-mind-ecology and takes the form of open public dialogues between two (or more) people: independent artists, practioners, and academics. The conversations take place online from 4-5.30pm. There is no fee Read More

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Locator Scores ’24

The second in an annual series of online/in situ workshops taking place on Zoom, Thursdays for 2 weeks; February 29th and March 7th, 10am-Midday.   £12 per session, or £20 for both   29 February Homing’s; 7 March Ecologies of Touch Each session will last for approximately 2 hours. Beginning with a collective preparation we will participate in a movement score together. The scores will predominately take the form of a drift (nondeterminate, the focus of a drift is to allow yourself to be guided by the elements, Read More

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Dulais – Lleisiau Eraill/ Other Voices

I have been visiting the afon Dulais river that flows close to my home since 2006, following a practice of listening to the river’s shifting seasonal frequencies whilst attempting to materialise these in sound. Immersing myself physically within the river I use the machinic sensitivity of my Fender Stratocaster to allow places of eddy, surface movement and interference in the river’s body to express themselves through the guitar’s strings. I am interested in what I am Read More

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Folding back…somatic ecologies talk

  A talk, a sharing of traces, an invitation to reflect together on dance, touch, land & weather, the futures in the past… Sharing a recent re-turn to early practice; on the influence of the Llyn peninsula, on bodied inheritance, on ‘How did I get here? From there?’The somatic Ecologies at the University of Chichester are artists led forums for discussion and sharing ideas that are closely linked to the Experiencing environments group

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locator 31 Touching the Earth

Locator Workshops Drawing

.          everything that we touch, touches us… In this workshop we will ground ourselves in the touch of this place- walking, moving, drifting, eating, fasting, swimming, drawing and thinking; through partner and group movement scores, small scale expeditions (day and night) we are led by the patterns of weather, land, sea, atmosphere and the other beings we encounter. A time of gentle resistance to productivity and a time to land within the inspired Read More

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