locator scores

3 online physical workshops, each happening on the 3rd Friday of each month from February to April 2022

16 February, Homing

16 March, Touch of Things

20 April, Drifting together 


2pm-4.30 pm. (£12 per session, or £30 for all 3).

Each session will last for up to 2.5 hours and will involve the sharing of a movement score and a process of collective preparation. Each of the scores will take the form of a drift and will be designed to be responsive to each person’s locality and situation, often in collaboration with another mover, either in person or simultaneously somewhere else. We will then return to each other to write and to share our experiences collectively.

We will not be alone, we may be together remotely…

These online workshops during spring 2022 are an introduction to locator practices as we move back towards the possibility of in person and in situ engagement later in the year. This is a proposal to be closely together, to investigate the mutual sensory affect of our relative places whilst perhaps (for the time being) being physically apart…

‘In locator, I make scores in order to think through the world in movement and to open up to encounters with other beings and materials. These orientations for dance can be methods to animate the ecological imagination and to experiment with mixed up materialities and identities. Currently I am proposing that the dance score, having evolved through a particular postmodern lineage, is implicit with the resources for, what Donna Harraway proposes (in her book of the same name) ‘Staying with the Trouble’ of the current epoch. The score, read as text, mark, being or object can offer us stories and practices that reimagine the dominant Anthropocene narrative and reconnect us to each other (and within our surroundings) with loving care.’ (Locator essai. TDPT Journal.2021)

To Book, please email: simon@simonwhitehead.net

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