Stitching soft matter – Performance/workshop

Friday 24 February 1-6pm. (FREE) Atrium, The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre, 11 Chapel Lane, University of Glasgow G11 6EW All welcome on a drop-in basis, stay as long as you wish… Movement artist Simon Whitehead, working with dance artists Neil Callaghan, Saffy Setohy and Joanna Young This performance/workshop is one of the outputs of Simon’s process of research-creation as part of his PhD (PaR) portfolio in The Department of Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow. Following the disruption Read More

13 Feb 2023

10.05.20 stitching

Melting.  Falling Slowly.  Supported.  Collapsing.  (The words are connected by a blood line running from my heart to my hands…beyond).

7 Jul 2020

05.05.20 stitching

homecoming like minded soul   son   lover   twin been apart      where did we go? we hold   tingle  pulsate                              and part looking, really looking     across the room open windows and wait in silence watch the billowing curtains we brush as we make coffee and again hold as we sit across the table me    and me meeting like no other

7 Jul 2020

virtual soft matter 04.05.20

Today the mannequin ‘dummy’ hands arrive…for the time being I will use these virtual hands to stitch people’s hand arrangements into the gloves. The lines of touch are broken. I am wondering how this transmission might occur in the gap of mutual touch that is now absent. A  space of body parts, ghosts of self touch and virtual stitchings. What is stitched in?  

7 Jul 2020