Tentacular thinking Lab- Manorbier, February 2019

Hosted by artist/film maker Abigail Sidebotham, myself, Gilly Booth, Sean Vicary and Christine Cooper spent a week in late February in the Reading Room Manorbier as part of an NTW Development Lab. Beginning with Donna Harraway’s text Tentacular Thinking, which we read aloud to each other in the sun at Manorbier’s castle, each artist shared some practice and spent the week experimenting with the opportunities of location, Harrawy’s ecological proposals and collective enquiry. We have since Read More

11 Dec 2019

A short residency at Manorbier Reading Room Thursday 25 January 2018

Walk to the sea at sunset, watch the sun fall beneath the horizon over the sea, turn and walk back to the reading room. Light a candle on the table, walk in a room of shadows. Lying on the floor, the room becoming dark, I draw the figures i remember from the beach by candle light.

25 Jan 2018