Locator Scores ’24

The second in an annual series of online/in situ workshops taking place on Zoom, Thursdays for 2 weeks; February 29th and March 7th, 10am-Midday.
£12 per session, or £20 for both 
 29 February Homing’s7 March Ecologies of Touch
Each session will last for approximately 2 hours. Beginning with a collective preparation we will participate in a movement score together. The scores will predominately take the form of a drift (nondeterminate, the focus of a drift is to allow yourself to be guided by the elements, bodies and materials that you encounter in your environment as you move through it). The scores are designed to be responsive to each person’s locality and situation and may happen in collaboration with another mover, either in person or simultaneously somewhere else. We will then return to each other on Zoom to write, and to share our experiences collectively. Each session will offer a different research orientation.
These workshops offer a means through which we might experience and learn from the complex materiality of a location through a weave of drifts, bodywork and prepared movement scores within the intensities of collective experimentation and season. Locator Scores in Spring 2024 contain a proposal to be closely together-apart, to investigate the mutual sensory affect of our relative places whilst (for now) being geographically remote…
Locator has evolved as a way to share practice in community. We attempt to cultivate a sensory porosity to the influence of things and the life of ecosystems. Through movement we sensitise to their generous affect and make them familiar to us. (S.W. 2022)
PLEASE EMAIL TO BOOK A PLACE (payment by BACS or Paypal, Zoom link will be shared) simon@simonwhitehead.net

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