En darken

‘The future is dark, which is on the whole, the best the future can be, i think.’ Virginia Wolf 1915. I am embarking on some new work this winter, in a domain that continues to intrigue me. En darken is an enquiry into the human implications of the disappearing phenomena of darkness. How might performance, specifically dance practice, reveal the darkness as ecological resource? and how might an ecology of embodied practice be developed as a Read More

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Studies for Maynard will open the International Dance Film Festival Brussels on the 4th October at Argos Arts, http://www.argosarts.org/program.jsp?eventid=3bd31f2640d54537ac9836a2bb173de8

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Locator 26

locator 26 summer assembly Long days, short nights, early dawn, late sunset A residential workshop Tycanol woodland, Pembrokeshire Wales/ Cymru 1-4 June 2017 with Simon Whitehead A context in which to explore the sometimes incongruous dances between objects, bodies and environment. Is there an ecological practice embedded in the ways we exist together and with the objects and life forms around us? And how might we compose a relational field in which to sustain and develop Read More

25 Sep 2017

calling tree

Calling Tree is a peripatetic performance project that engages with places, people and wild life and attempts to reveal complex webs of ecological relationships and atmospheres present through a series of performance residencies in significant urban trees. Beginning in 2014 in a large sentinel oak tree in Betws Y Coed in North Wales, the work has subsequently readapted to trees in Bruce Grove Park, Tottenham for LIFT 2016 and most recently in a number of mature Read More

25 Sep 2017

Locator 25 the beat…

A Residential Movement Workshop. Tycanol,West Wales/Cymru 14-17th January 2016 with Simon Whitehead Late dawn. Early sunset. Short days. Long nights. The beat of the place. The beat of the body. Locator is a series of residential workshops led by Movement Artist Simon Whitehead, developed over the last 21 years. Tycanol, an ancient sessile oak woodland and a SSSI nested beneath the Preseli hills, Wales, has been the home for this located performance practice. Residing in the Read More

26 Nov 2015

October 19. evening

An evening performance of all the studies, with live Skype link to Barnaby Oliver in Melbourne. Audience select the order of the studies using cards, a visual score is lined up on the wall. People come, some returnees, and sit on the edges of the space. I enjoy the link with Barnaby, a feeling of comradeship in the space, like old times, but now mediated and with time delay. This evening is celebratory, a sense of Read More

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