Studies for Maynard will open the International Dance Film Festival Brussels on the 4th October at Argos Arts,

25 Sep 2017

October 19. evening

An evening performance of all the studies, with live Skype link to Barnaby Oliver in Melbourne. Audience select the order of the studies using cards, a visual score is lined up on the wall. People come, some returnees, and sit on the edges of the space. I enjoy the link with Barnaby, a feeling of comradeship in the space, like old times, but now mediated and with time delay. This evening is celebratory, a sense of Read More

15 Nov 2015

October 19. Day 12

My last daytime engagement in the gallery today… i invite visitors to throw dice, i perform what ever study the dice falls at. It becomes playful and it seems that in the act of throwing the dice that there is an investment in the outcome, the way people watch is different, perhaps because they have in part determined what they are seeing. At the end of the session i have a skype call with Barnaby Oliver Read More

20 Oct 2015

DAY 10. October 17

Today i become interested in the shared experience here; an older couple walk into the space, a strong sense of curiosity and openness comes with them. What they also bring is their accumulated experiences of looking at things. As i move through one of the studies i become aware that we are sharing an experience of a number of moments. In a way these are not specific to what i am doing, and something is transmitted Read More

19 Oct 2015

Day 9. October 16

i begin by looping the studies…slowing them down and attempting to find new territory and transitions within them. i decide to continue to focus on the performance and my breathing, if conversations arise, they are initiated by visitors. I am developing a new study from my time here in oriel davies…it is a figurative, sculptural thing, not a lot happens! is it enough? A woman reads my diary whilst watching the studies and comments that it Read More

16 Oct 2015

October 15. Day 8

The gallery offers up different ways of relating to time. In my current state i decide to slow everything down today…what if each study took 2 or 3 times as long? Someone visits, removes her boots and sits for the whole 2 hours, a man enters and recalls watching Cage and Cunningham when he was a student at Dartington, another man talks about the view of the earth from space and Romanian refugees. I pick up Read More

15 Oct 2015