Dulais – Lleisiau Eraill/ Other Voices

I have been visiting the afon Dulais river that flows close to my home since 2006, following a practice of listening to the river’s shifting seasonal frequencies whilst attempting to materialise these in sound. Immersing myself physically within the river I use the machinic sensitivity of my Fender Stratocaster to allow places of eddy, surface movement and interference in the river’s body to express themselves through the guitar’s strings. I am interested in what I am able to feel and hear in this co-generated field and I make binaural recordings that serve as glimpses of this physical process.

This river plays the guitar much better than I can on my own! it has many voices…

For Lleisiau Eraill/Other Voices we have installed some of the most recent field recordings in Oriel Canfas, Cardigan, they will be playing between 10.30am and 4 pm each day over the duration of the festival, 26-28 October. (Originally commissioned by The Centre for Material Thinking, Aberystwyth University in 2022, these pieces will be released as a limited edition album early in 2024 with the music label East Cape Calling, part of their experimental guitar series.)


photos: Julian McKenny

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