Locator Workshops

Locator Workshops Drawing

Locator is a suite of residential workshops that happen annually, each in a different season. Beginning in autumn 1993 on the Llyn peninsula in north Wales locator has since largely played out in Tycanol, a sessile oak woodland and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) in north Pembrokeshire. An independent workshop created by Simon Whitehead, locator is an ongoing forum to share ecological ideas through movement practice. Facilitated through a process of moving, dancing, walking and drifting, witnessing, howling, drawing, writing, fasting & eating, making and resting. These workshops offer a means through which we might experience and learn from the complex materiality of a location within the intensities of collective experimentation and living.

These workshops are ongoing and happen once or twice a year. The next in person/ located workshop will happen in May 2022.

7 Jan 2022