Re-pair 1.03.21


As a way of experimenting with how dance can re-pair itself, this project asks 6 dancers from different parts of the world to pair with each other in order to re-think the analogue in the digital. Each dancer will be sent a score, emerging from the stitched gloves that I am making for the soft matter project ( and asked to improvise with the objects that they will then share with the dancer they are paired with. Integral to the project, is the necessity of inviting moving bodies to infect the frictionless nature of binary pairing, to produce disjunctions, gaps, absences that allow for new lines of corporeal flight to come into being. The objective is to see if this re-pairing of dances can allow for new forms of choreographical and corporeal ‘touch’ to catalyse themselves in a world separated by a pandemic. In this respect, the paired gloves that will be sent out are instances of ghostly matter, exoskeletons, haunted husks and echoes of the touch of others hands.

So this is what we do:

We send 6 pairs of gloves to 6 dancers

We pair the 6 dancers with each other

Three groups of two.

We ask each of the dancers to make something with the gloves in the actual world

We ask the dancers to share that movement with their paired other digitally (via zoom)

We ask each of the dancers to respond to these movements

We make a series of short films


These gloves are scores, little choreographies, minor gestures, attempts to re-pair.

Where does the dance go in all of this?

Where it will; where it can, in the folds of some hyphen, perhaps.


Artists: Amaara Raheem, Joanna Young, Jennifer Monson, Neil Callaghan, Saffy Setohy, Simon Ellis

Conceived and Curated by: Simon Whitehead and Carl Lavery

Re-pair: soft matter

20:00 – 21:30 BST, Friday 14 May

(soft matter photo: Julian Mckenny)

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