Re-pair 1.03.21

This experiment looks to re-think what the somewhat problematic notion of repair might mean for dance artists working within a virological economy. Ecologically and politically, the idea of repair is fraught with contradiction. It assumes that one can patch up or reassemble a world or set of values that have been harmed or damaged, in some sense or form. But why would one be interested in reviving a condition or resuscitating a situation that may well have produced the harm in the first place? Why not insert a hyphen, and replace a normative notion of repair with a more fluid, productive notion of re-pair, to re-turn with a difference, to find new futures in the past?

We are for another order, a different practice of re-pair; a re-pairing that hails ghosts, bodies, gestures – all those things that simultaneously touch and remain apart in hyphenated space!

Simon Whitehead and Carl Lavery

More information to follow on the participating dance artists, the process of the project itself and the dates of the screenings…


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