soft matter- COV – 19

Since the advent of Covid-19 I have had to reconsider how I proceed with the innate intimacy of this current practice. I have had to suspend the stitching practice for the time being and have developed a default process. This process involves a spoken score accessed online by invited participants. The score attempts to create the conditions in which someone can attune to the touch between their own hands and ultimately to identify a language of hand holds that can then be shared with me through photographs and reflective writing. On receipt I will be stitching these holds into pairs of gloves using a pair of virtual hands. Images of the resulting stitched gloves will be shared with participants, the gloves themselves will be added to the archive of objects which constitutes the material for future embodied choreographic research.

Copy of invitation email to 25 participants (sent 30.04.20):

Dear …
This email is an invitation to participate in soft matter, an emerging project that explores a choreographic territory of touch; its ambiguities, sensate world and field of afterglow.  Attached is a score( a system for generating, or noticing movement) which I invite you to follow and respond to.
Over the last few months I have noticed how the sensate gestures of my hands, indeed the different ways my hands hold each other, begin to describe an often unconscious choreography of care, of threadings of self and other.These ‘holds’ seem an often subliminal dance in relation to the larger uncertainties, and perhaps these gestures are a way of holding myself in this world at this time. In December I began to record these holds and those of other people through learning to draw these different arrangements of hands in simple line drawings. The process of drawing gives me a visual perspective on something that largely exists as a felt sense. 
Currently I am concerned with giving these forms a 3 dimensional and motile form, and I have approached this through learning to stitch people’s hand holds into pairs of cotton gloves. What remains, or is ‘handed on’, is an object, the ‘soft case’ of the hands holding. A choreographic object perhaps, a latent score for the beginning of another kind of dance.   
Since the advent of COV-19 I have had to reconsider how I negotiate these intimate exchanges of touch.  After a lot of thought and recalibration I have decided to continue this practice remotely for now.  At this time I am approaching 25 people, and I hope that you may be willing to participate in this process. 
Below is a link to a spoken score. This score invites you to be with the sensations of your hands touching each other.  You will need to find some time with yourself, the score will require approximately 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and you will need a camera, or phone, a piece of paper and a pen/cil. 
Instructions are on the sound file, please do not listen to the file before you are ready to follow the score.
Many Thanks…any questions, please email me
Yours – in touch

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