Stitch. 29.09.20

‘By the end I started to feel like I was holding another persons’ hand – my partners’ – a holding, a caress, comfort, being held. It took the whole time to get there. To be in touch…’ My mother offers her hands again…we stitch, she tells me it is not necessary to talk…I look at the photograph, I have a tangible, physical sense of this person in a place, a memory- as I stitch I re- member. Something Read More

12 Oct 2020

04.07.20 stitches

I hold the hands as if they were her hands…The wooden mannequins seem awkward and clumsy, they constantly fall out of shape- they express their object-ness and other-bodied natures. Yet the spectral zone of this virtual touch transmits many others. I am working intimately with the hands of someone I have know for many years, as a stranger…

7 Jul 2020

24.06.20 stitchings

Awaiting more glove stock- there are many more contributions to stitch. Thank you to all those who are contributing- deep gratitude. Not sure where this is going, but I’m following it… ‘This beginning, like all beginnings, is always already threaded through with anticipation of where it is going but will never simply reach, and of a past that is yet to come.’ J. Barad. Quantum Entanglements and Hauntological relations. (2010)    

7 Jul 2020

20.06.20 stitching

It made me remember how often I cross my arms when I’m sitting, and stick my hands in pockets when I’m standing (and scuff my heels – another pair of trainers worn through recently)

7 Jul 2020

15.06.20 stitching

the hands are held in an envelope of touch from the gloves themselves. They bring an altered, enfolded sensation world to the joined hands. A tethered accompaniment to the arrangements of fingers and hands, they are self- binding and yet there is a micro motility from the stitches and the cotton material, that allows a kind of breathing. A motile world within a soft material skin, epidermis- exoskeleton.

7 Jul 2020

02.06.20 left hands

The hold is always approximate…I mould the dummy hands into the hold in an arrangement that seems to match the hold in the image. The process of moulding does give me a haptic, kinaesthetic feel for the hold, this is not simply visual. I also think of the subject, of where they were situated, my relationship to them. There is a virtual intimacy in the process of composing, stitching and holding these hands. I think of Read More

7 Jul 2020