18.06.20 left hand assembly

Inheritance, a procession of hands…always touching themselves, both through their own material constituents and through the other things that in turn give them touch. ‘We’ve all gone through times of every morning waking up scared…And yet, by the time I’d be standing in the middle of the room, I wouldn’t be scared anymore…It’s not surprising that the trouble I was having was showing itself in that movement of passage from sleep to wakefulness.’ Simone Forti. Handbook Read More

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15.06.20 stitching

the hands are held in an envelope of touch from the gloves themselves. They bring an altered, enfolded sensation world to the joined hands. A tethered accompaniment to the arrangements of fingers and hands, they are self- binding and yet there is a micro motility from the stitches and the cotton material, that allows a kind of breathing. A motile world within a soft material skin, epidermis- exoskeleton.

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12.06.20 my left hand

Practicing drawing the moving arrangements of my left hand…a refrain, watching a part of my self as other…a stranger on the end of my wrist. Barad’s notion of self-touching; touch touching itself, an infinitude of others

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04.06.20 stitching

the mannequins are actively – passive and dis-embodied things. holding and arranging the hands of another with the wooden dummy hands, the hands of someone who is not present, but becomes present in the physical arranging of his hands and fingers…¬†spooky, spectral  

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02.06.20 left hands

The hold is always approximate…I mould the dummy hands into the hold in an arrangement that seems to match the hold in the image. The process of moulding does give me a haptic, kinaesthetic feel for the hold, this is not simply visual. I also think of the subject, of where they were situated, my relationship to them. There is a virtual intimacy in the process of composing, stitching and holding these hands. I think of Read More

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01.06.20 stitching

the feeling of bracing – I could lift this body up in one hand, sprung on the wrist the soft touch of fingertip on one hand, the dense, tougher skin on the other the special care for grazed palms the cool of fingertips, the smooth lake surface of backs of hands, the heat of the palms how my hands are a part of my body I take aesthetic pleasure in

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