October 12. Day 5.

The morning begins busy, there are four, maybe five people in the space. So i begin to show the studies feeling quite raw today, i am coughing and my body doesn’t feel quite ready. i navigate the choreography, whilst close to the edge of my capacity. its an interesting, and at times, difficult place to be. I keep going, the repetition and peoples consistent watching begins to help. Someone returns who visited last week, she is Read More

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October 10. Day 4.

October 10th. Day 4. Residency Today Tanya Syed’s film of Studies for Maynard arrived. Interesting to have a moving image companion of body and table in the space, alongside the live acts. People arrive today and spend longer in the space, it is saturday, maybe there is more time? This gives a different atmosphere, and a more constant sense of witness. Conversations arise; a man refers to Cage’s book Silence on the table and comments that Read More

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October 9. Day 3

October 9th. Day 3. Residency A quiet day today…my attention is drawn to other qualities of movement in the space and beyond. The light from the south facing window patterns the floor with moving leaf shadows. I spend time on the floor, wait, stand and move in the space, eyes closed. Flailing arms to end. A person enters, sits and watches as i perform 2 of the studies, as i am ending she leaves, we smile Read More

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October 8. Day 2.

October 8th. Day 2. Residency Thinking about the act of performing in an empty space. Here in the gallery i am affected by the possibility that someone will arrive at any point, keeping me alert to the movement and the small events of the space in a different way. Sometimes people enter and encounter the midst of the performance, at times this seems to create a hesitancy…some people leave, some stay: for some there is a Read More

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October 7. DAY 1.


To begin, i lie on the gallery floor, breathing as fully as i can, remembering how an embryo practices breathing in utero, before it is born. People begin to enter the space and i am drawn into performing some of the studies for them. Conversations follow from the performances: about the relative hardness of objects alongside the softness of the body, about Newtown and the generosity of the people here, about perspective and scale in relation Read More

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