October 10. Day 4.

October 10th. Day 4. Residency

Today Tanya Syed’s film of Studies for Maynard arrived. Interesting to have a moving image companion of body and table in the space, alongside the live acts.
People arrive today and spend longer in the space, it is saturday, maybe there is more time? This gives a different atmosphere, and a more constant sense of witness.
Conversations arise; a man refers to Cage’s book Silence on the table and comments that he thinks Cage didn’t have the influence on music that he thought he would…i tend to disagree, but we do agree that maybe he had a large influence on the evolution of dance and visual arts language.
Another visitor talks about the body and the temporal qualities of
physical work. She observes that a farmer who works with his body has a different sense of the world through physically acting upon it…this slower sense of time gives a different, outsider perspective on the changing, technological age. How the body grounds us in a materiality through physical work and the companionship of animals.
Some dancers spend time here today, they sit,lie on the floor, rest. I feel the support of their physicality here. There is a warmth of exchange in the gallery today, and the underfloor heating.

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