soft matter- process

I contact people and ask if we can meet and talk about the ways they hold their hands, I would like to draw them, record them. We meet in people’s front rooms, an office, a camper van, a studio, a cafe. We talk about a language of holds, about the ways the hands hold each other, we experiment with the hands in different arrangements. We identify one hold, one that feels like it meets something inside. I invite the Read More

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soft matter score

This score is written as part of soft matter, an emerging research project that explores a choreographic territory of touch; its ambiguities, sensate world and field of afterglow. (you may close your eyes, or open them at any time during the process of the score)

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October 19. evening

An evening performance of all the studies, with live Skype link to Barnaby Oliver in Melbourne. Audience select the order of the studies using cards, a visual score is lined up on the wall. People come, some returnees, and sit on the edges of the space. I enjoy the link with Barnaby, a feeling of comradeship in the space, like old times, but now mediated and with time delay. This evening is celebratory, a sense of Read More

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