Re-pair videos

The Re-pair videos are now available on youtube, 3 short films with dance artists Amaara Raheem and Joanna Young, Simon Ellis and Saffy Setohy, Jennifer Monson and Neil Callaghan. Made during lockdown in March and April 2021 the films provide a window into the dancers lives and their attempts to perform touch together in all the awkwardness, beauty and sadness of the times.  

26 Jul 2021

Stitching 10.06.21

…I found a way for my finger tips to make a connection with one another, like a shell with one hand completing the other, restoring for me a sense of wholeness, reassuring and comforting.

14 Jun 2021

Re-pair 1.03.21

Re-pair As a way of experimenting with how dance can re-pair itself, this project asks 6 dancers from different parts of the world to pair with each other in order to re-think the analogue in the digital. Each dancer will be sent a score, emerging from the stitched gloves that I am making for the soft matter project ( and asked to improvise with the objects that they will then share with the dancer they are paired with. Read More

1 Mar 2021

Stitch 12.10.20

It takes a while to interpret-the orientation of fingers and thumbs. We try a stitch and it fails, we begin again. My daughter has offered her hands- it is a curious hold- the thumb and little finger of the same hand make a gesture- open- with the fingers between folded. An enfolded figure- obscured- altered by the touch of the other hand. The photos sent are detailed, forensic, they seem to want to be understood. They Read More

12 Oct 2020

Stitch. 06.10.20

Stitching into mannequin hands again. The relative awkwardness of handling these disembodied things. Stitching is methodical, finger-by-finger…the hand assembled in its hold, points of contact between tethered, the stitches are loci in the navigation towards the hold. Though the thing is approximate, the material sensitive and breathing- ghosting around the form.

12 Oct 2020