October 15. Day 8

The gallery offers up different ways of relating to time. In my current state i decide to slow everything down today…what if each study took 2 or 3 times as long?

Someone visits, removes her boots and sits for the whole 2 hours, a man enters and recalls watching Cage and Cunningham when he was a student at Dartington, another man talks about the view of the earth from space and Romanian refugees.

I pick up Silence by John Cage, open at page 94, from ‘In This Day…’

‘We are not in these dances and music, saying something…we are rather doing something. The meaning of what we do is determined by each one who sees and hears it’.

2 thoughts on “October 15. Day 8

  1. Mesmerising performances and much food for thought. Ideas taken into the body and expressed through the body. A rare treat. Thank you Simon.

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