October 14. Day 7

my physical energy continues to seep away, replaced by something else, lighter and emptier…

A man called Dewi visits today, a generous and thoughtful watching presence. He stays a length of time and we begin to talk, we also talk when i am in the midst of a study…i enjoy thinking that this is like craft…a conversation made with someone knitting or shaping something out of wood.
Dewi was a primary school teacher, he describes an exercise he would do with the children. They would all look at a chair and imagine all the other things a chair could be. he would ask ‘ What is a chair when a dog lies beneath it?’

I’ve been reading an interview between Brian Eno and his daughter Irial (Mute and Continue, Prelude B)
…’ another big part of our nature is surrendering. I think of surrendering as an active verb, not a passive verb. Surrendering isn’t just giving up and doing nothing. Surrendering is knowing when you can’t control something and knowing how to go with the flow of it.’

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