24.06.20 stitchings

Awaiting more glove stock- there are many more contributions to stitch. Thank you to all those who are contributing- deep gratitude. Not sure where this is going, but I’m following it… ‘This beginning, like all beginnings, is always already threaded through with anticipation of where it is going but will never simply reach, and of a past that is yet to come. It is not merely that the future and the past are not ‘there’ and Read More

7 Jul 2020

04.06.20 stitching

the mannequins are actively – passive and dis-embodied things. holding and arranging the hands of another with the wooden dummy hands, the hands of someone who is not present, but becomes present in the physical arranging of his hands and fingers… spooky, spectral  

7 Jul 2020

01.06.20 stitching

the feeling of bracing – I could lift this body up in one hand, sprung on the wrist the soft touch of fingertip on one hand, the dense, tougher skin on the other the special care for grazed palms the cool of fingertips, the smooth lake surface of backs of hands, the heat of the palms how my hands are a part of my body I take aesthetic pleasure in

7 Jul 2020

27.05.20 stitching

I remember holding my left hand by its left side (little finger side) into the palm of my right hand. The heat comes from the inside of my palm and more fragile and cooler left little finger and side rest into the right palm like a warm bed. 

7 Jul 2020

10.05.20 stitching

Melting.  Falling Slowly.  Supported.  Collapsing.  (The words are connected by a blood line running from my heart to my hands…beyond).

7 Jul 2020

soft matter- workshop 25.02.20, Glasgow

This workshop was a first iteration experiment with the gloves as choreographic objects. An informal gathering of PhD practice researchers and dancers from Glasgow, the workshop took place at the Mackintosh Church Hall in Maryhill, Glasgow. six minute excerpt (static camera)

7 May 2020