A short residency at Manorbier Reading Room Thursday 25 January 2018

walk to the sea at sunset, watch the sun fall beneath the horizon over the sea, turn my back and walk to the reading room- light a candle on the table. Walk in a room of shadows. Lying on the floor, the room becomes dark. I draw the figures i remember from the beach by candle light.

25 Jan 2018

En darken

‘The future is dark, which is on the whole, the best the future can be, i think.’ Virginia Wolf 1915. I am embarking on some new work this winter, in a domain that continues to intrigue me. En darken is an enquiry into the human implications of the disappearing phenomena of darkness. How might performance, specifically dance practice, reveal the darkness as ecological resource? and how might an ecology of embodied practice be developed as a Read More

18 Jan 2018