Locator 28

 19-23 December 2018

Tycanol, Pembrokeshire, Wales/Cymru,

Hunters in the Snow…
is an invitation into a suite of scores and explorations of a winter landscape. Located in a skeletal oak forest, we navigate to an expanding horizon and orient to our mid winter bodies. A soft compass in a constellation of shortening days, longest nights and walking dreams.
Breugel’s original painting(1565) of the same name reminds us of a human, more than human, yet frozen planet with people and animals tied to the winter earth and each other. In Locator we ground ourselves in the season as a fulcrum for expeditions, improvisations and hibernations within transient and tender community. Walking, moving, eating, fasting, feasting, resting, playing, making fire and ceremony…
Short days, longest night, hunting the endless possibility of snow.
For the duration of Locator 28 we will proceed without electrical light, using firelight and candles to warm the darkness.

contact: simon@simonwhitehead.net for booking details

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