October 7. DAY 1.


To begin, i lie on the gallery floor, breathing as fully as i can, remembering how an embryo practices breathing in utero, before it is born. People begin to enter the space and i am drawn into performing some of the studies for them. Conversations follow from the performances: about the relative hardness of objects alongside the softness of the body, about Newtown and the generosity of the people here, about perspective and scale in relation Read More

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During the summer i have been working with film maker Tanya Syed. we have been finding ways to film Studies for Maynard. Developing a visual and choreographic language that translates the performance into a piece for video. It has been, and continues to be, a complex process, it has helped me understand the ways in which this work can be seen, experienced… We will show a work in process treatment as part of my residency at Read More

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