Stitch. 29.09.20

‘My hands live with me, very close to me, within an infinite space of possibility and wonder.
My hands have always bridged me simultaneously in two directions,  into communication towards the other and myself. Sometimes they hold the physical tools that amplify or concentrate my attention, intention, and commitment to a task. At times no other instrument is needed, and in those situations my hands appear as infinite vessels… they can surprise me being flexible, strong, sensitive, fast, precise, resilient, soft, slow, fluid, or sharp as a blade.
At times, it seems to me my hands have a special place in my life as vehicles for the transmission of knowledge, giving and receiving it.
I hold my hands and I feel my reality in the world. Past present and future are in my hands. My hands, and by natural extension my whole body-mind have been breathing with me all the way, doing their best for me and my survival, all the way…
I hold my hands and I rest, in the infinite world of possibility within which they breathe and exist.’

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