October 19. Day 12

My last daytime engagement in the gallery today…

i invite visitors to throw dice, i perform what ever study the dice falls at. It becomes playful and it seems that in the act of throwing the dice that there is an investment in the outcome, the way people watch is different, perhaps because they have in part determined what they are seeing.

At the end of the session i have a skype call with Barnaby Oliver in the gallery. Barnaby will be providing a live sound mix from his studio in Melbourne for the performance here tomorrow evening, although he will actually be there at 3am on thursday morning Melbourne time.

I’ve been reading Steve Paxton’s ‘notes on the pelvis and spine’ in Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay’s book ‘A widening field’;

‘In order to move, to reach, to utilise our sphere of activity, we rely on gravity and falling. There is a direct and constant dialogue between our own mass and the mass of the earth. If often limiting our movement, it also gives us stability.
We may not fly, but we can rise.’

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