October 8. Day 2.

October 8th. Day 2. Residency

Thinking about the act of performing in an empty space. Here in the gallery i am affected by the possibility that someone will arrive at any point, keeping me alert to the movement and the small events of the space in a different way.
Sometimes people enter and encounter the midst of the performance, at times this seems to create a hesitancy…some people leave, some stay: for some there is a tangible attraction, perhaps to the liveness of the space, or the unfamiliarity.
At one point someone begins a conversation as i am moving, i continue the study and try to answer the questions she has. This brings another layer of possibility to the performance and space.

Today the gallery remained quiet for over an hour…and the performance exists like an exhibit, with an often private life. Eventually as people enter, everything changes- the space becomes charged with their attention, and sometimes the scrutiny that comes with watching something moving. I begin to experience that dance, live performance in this environment often leads to a question, or a conversation.


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